LTD. Optics - Made for Everyday

LTD. Optics was inspired because of the growing cost of high quality sunglasses. We knew there had to be a way to create quality sunglasses at a more reasonable price. We had the drive and passion to make a fantastic product, this vision was our first step.

Our main focus was bringing the highest quality product to people at an affordable price. We aren’t reinventing the wheel. The idea was to take elements everyone loves about the top brands and make the same quality more affordable. In order to make this happen, we met with several manufacturing professionals to compare materials. Countless hours were invested until we were confident in our line. We are certain Limited Optics has one of the highest quality sunglasses on the market. Our frames are made with the same Italian acetate as the most durable sunglasses. Our lenses are the same polarized UV 400 you can find in $150+ brands. Our hardware is stainless steel that can go as hard as you do everyday. There is no doubt in our minds the quality parallels the biggest sunglass companies out there.

We know we have a product that meets or exceeds with the best sunglasses out there! It all comes down to price. In the current market, it’s hard to find you’re favorite brand of sunglasses under $150. This is the reasoning behind our more competitive pricing, to make it more affordable for everyone. Our line of optics are timeless with a variety of colors. You can buy two of our sunglasses for what you would pay for less than one pair of our competitors. Why limit yourself to another brand, when you can get Limited.

The last focus was making a product that fits your lifestyle. We are very active and wanted a product that can go anywhere we go. We skate, bike, snowboard, rock climb, and kill ourselves for the next adrenaline rush. Our designs were created to go everywhere with no restrictions. You get a comfortable, yet secure fit. No worries about these flying off your face when you take a spill. We are environmentally conscious and wanted to offer an eco-friendly natural wood line for our outdoor enthusiasts. Our Woodrow Shades are a lightweight bamboo that feels right at home on those forested trails. Now we have a timber product to accent our surroundings, while getting our asses kicked by Mother Nature.

Limited Optics brings high quality, low price, and lifestyle oriented sunglasses to the market. We bring a variety of options that fit any active lifestyle. Grab a pair today, you won’t regret it, your eyes will thank you, and you can still afford that café latte.